Voices from the Well

The story of my journey across the world collecting stories from women who love women

Avoiding Lesbians

Or perhaps more accurately, avoiding the word lesbian. But why is that so important on this journey? In the short months since beginning this project I have realised that so many women who love women simply don’t identify this way. Many older women still find the word distasteful or even offensive. Continue reading “Avoiding Lesbians”

The Second Voice

Full disclosure – the beautiful, brave woman who agreed to be by first interviewee is in fact my partner. I could indulge myself here and talk of my fears about my first interview and how scared I was – if she hadn’t generously agreed to be my first I might never have conducted a single interview – but this is her story and the fear I felt pales in comparison to the journey she had the courage to share with me. Continue reading “The Second Voice”

Why the Well?

We all make snap judgements about, well…everything. I knew the title of my project and blog would be no different – I needed to intrigue people and make them think for a minute, to draw them in. I wanted my purpose to be clear, but I also wanted to remind myself why I am doing this.

The well is a symbol of many things… Continue reading “Why the Well?”

The First Voice

This is the story of my journey across the world collecting stories from women who love women. Being in fact a project manager and not a writer or collector of stories, I don’t have the remotest idea of exactly how I will go about doing this, and the thought alone is terrifying. But I didn’t think that was a good enough reason not to do it, so here goes… Continue reading “The First Voice”

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