Voices from the Well

The story of my journey across the world collecting stories from women who love women




I meet Lisa at a cafe on Sydney’s Oxford Street, which is appropriate I guess since it’s across the road from some of the bars and clubs where we’ve shared many a night out with our hockey team. Lisa and I first met on the hockey field four years ago and, although I consider us to be good friends, I realised on my way to meet her that I really don’t know that much about her life before we met. Continue reading “Lisa”

The Second Voice

Full disclosure – the beautiful, brave woman who agreed to be by first interviewee is in fact my partner. I could indulge myself here and talk of my fears about my first interview and how scared I was – if she hadn’t generously agreed to be my first I might never have conducted a single interview – but this is her story and the fear I felt pales in comparison to the journey she had the courage to share with me. Continue reading “The Second Voice”

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