Voices from the Well

The story of my journey across the world collecting stories from women who love women



Five Women from Four Continents

It looked for a short while like my journey had stalled – work commitments and extensive travel mean time has been in short supply in recent months and I was beginning to feel like Voices From the Well was more of a fantasy project – an ideal – than something that could take off and thrive in the real world. Then I met five women who shared their stories with me and reminded me why I am doing this. Their ages range from 27 to 76 and they hail from the four corners of the globe Continue reading “Five Women from Four Continents”

Voices from Papua New Guinea

It has been just over a year since I launched this project and I wanted to take stock of the past twelve months, and look forward to what the next year might bring. One unexpected turn in the road has been a sudden job offer in Papua New Guinea which I took up in March, hence my silence over the past few months. Although far from distracting me from my mission to document and share the stories of women who love women Continue reading “Voices from Papua New Guinea”

The Duality of Women who Love Women

I spoke publically for the first time about Voices from the Well a few weeks ago – I was asked to present at an amazing event to launch a movement which aims to change the way we think about ourselves as women, to challenge us to know ourselves better, and in so doing to make the world a better place. The Women’s Duality Awareness Movement is inspired by the premise that we have two realities within us Continue reading “The Duality of Women who Love Women”


Simone comes from a long line of Bavarian villagers – she was born and grew up in the southern German state, a place she describes as down-to-earth with a life-embracing culture. Her entire family dating back four or five hundred years is from the area and she believes this has given her a deep sense of belonging and security, something which has helped carry her through what she describes as “the craziness” of her life so far. Continue reading “Simone”


It might sound strange in a story about a woman who loves women, but the major focus of Emma’s life for the past eight months has been a man. Although admittedly he is a very little man.

Her son was born to her partner late last year and he has literally taken over their lives. He is learning new things every day; this past week he has discovered he can communicate by screaming. Continue reading “Emma”

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